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I am martinn your host

martinn at key2paris, your host

I, martinn, your host was born in Paris a few decades ago in a family with British and American cousins. My parents were working hard but always took time  to entertain friends and family visiting from abroad.

As a young child, i loved drawing houses with lots of windows and smoke getting out of the chimney ; already showing interest in  hosting and cooking.


 About my Education:  History and blending cultures have been an important part of our life in my family from childhood until today.  As a teenager  and young adult, I already organized parties , cooking sessions for friends


Some years later, I was educated as a pharmacist, and had a student job on rue  Etienne Marcel in the early 70ies and then bought a Pharmacy next to Stohrer on rue Montorgueil.  I was not meant to be a pharmacist, I did not really enjoyed it but it taught me precision and method. It taught me to listen to people as many liked to push the door  and share their worries. Pharmacists are easier to reach than doctors.

 Family life


 Married with 3 children, the family history brought me to sell the Pharmacy and happily move to the USA (upstate NY) for 3 years.   We spent 3 years in a nice community ; I learned a different culture, shared my cuture and my language with adults and young children.


When we came back after 3 wonderful years my children attended an International school in Paris West outskirt (I was on the board,  in charge of organizing parties for the school)  I shared my English and cooking skills both with French and the International community. We hosted many of our American friends visiting Paris.


 So since 1991, I have developed cross culture skills, always living in an English speaking international environment.



Life changing path  when the couple was obviously going different ways and it was time to divorce, I had to go back to making a real living. While I had to stay next to the International school where my youngest child was finishing high school. After experiencing the international life and community, I could not picture myself going back to some pharmacy related job.


I wanted to stay  in an open minded community,  so I accepted a job at the American School of Paris actually in Saint Cloud Garches, for 3 years from 2003 to 2006. subbing during school year and teaching French language and culture in Summer classes for  young children.


When my youngest son graduated from high school and attended University in UK,  I decided  to go back  to my beloved Central Paris, Halles Montorgueil area, bought a small apartment there and a large house in the South West of France.


Starting to run a BnB

 For 4 years between 2007 and 2011, I run a 5-bedroom BnB in the South West of France (halfway between Toulouse and Biarritz) with breakfasts of course but also "Table d'Hôtes" proposing dinners, workshops, cooking classes, parties especially during the Marciac International Jazz festival.  This 9 months per year and coming back to rue d' Argout  during Winters.  Rue d’Argout was rented 9 months out of 12 and run by a great Italian team on my behalf. 


Since the end of 2011,  I am fully back in Paris and running  the BnB myself, happy  to welcome my guests, to fix gourmets welcoming breakfasts for them,  sharing strolls, exhibitions, gourmets moments when they want to.   

                                                                                                              My centers of interest that I like sharing with my guests

From my years in the USA until now, every time I can, I attend various cooking classes with different chefs (French, Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, Dieticians) and everywhere I go in France or around the world, I take cooking lessons, buy cookbooks, discuss with restaurant chefs.


 I attend exhibitions, read many history and cultural books, discuss with shop tenders and restaurant owners, reading about food trends and new addresses for my own pleasure and to share with the guests.


 I particularly enjoy :  meeting people, cultural exchanges, English speaking world, multicultural, cross culture issues showing Paris and French culture


 My traveling Philosophy

 I prefer soaking in the atmosphere, understanding the culture, meeting people rather than crossing out a “been there done that” list. I favor experience versus just discovering and I am ready to help you unwind, relax, escape your usual rhythm, when you sojourn in Paris.


Now if you are here for a short stay, for your first time and would like to discover the basics, I can help you as well to organize your visit.


 When you visit a place, it is always nicer to get an insider’s view. Let me be your insider’s guide in Paris. I can design tours, organize a “table d’Hôtes” so we can spend more time sharing Paris, French culture and yours.


 I am part of a network of nice BnBs around the world. I selected those who share the same  idea about  hosting. I’ll be happy to share with you if you need some recommendations.


 When you visit I like to share my “slice of Paris” with you.

 When visiting you want to live like a French, a Parisian not being “only” a tourist. You’d like to avoid some “culture shock”, you ‘d like to beat the “prejudice” against the French and Parisians, you’d like to discover what made French meal part of the Unesco patrimony, you’d like to shop like a Parisian, discuss with shop keepers, find why all chickens are not the same, and why price can “largely” vary; why French put a lot of pride on food origins, why they select their little shops with great care…


  Behind Architecture and Art, you’d like to discover the French History, French culture, how Paris became Paris


 Then book with me, martinn,  You found the right place to stay, to enjoy your stay from A to Z, have a real experience and feel part of the community.