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Enjoy Central Paris without spending too much


  • All of the fourteen City of Paris museums offer year-round free admission for the permanent collections. You only pay for special exhibitions
  • Other museums offer free entry on the first Sunday of each month, or Saturday, or evenings
  • Some are free all year round for people under 26 or retired people

Churches and cemeteries

Churches display some wonderful architecture and some own renowned  paintings by well known artists.


Cemeteries offer some nice shady strolls and some  VIP graves. You have heard of Père Lachaise, Montparnasse, and Montmartre but do you know Picpus ( Lafayette's grave), have you heard of the possible grave of Louis the XVIIth, do you know the story of the cemeteries in Paris ?  I can help you on those...


Parks and Gardens

 Benches to sit fro free and enjoy a nice sandwich  I can help you choose yours in each “quartier" a,nd design a gourmet and healthy lunch for you.

 Learn to play Pétanque in Jardin des Halles


Covered and not covered Passages

 Paris center offers  many covered Passages. Among them, most are opened also on weekends. Offer shade or umbrella depending on the season along with elegant shops. 

Also spread in all of Paris, open charming passages with workshops, history, artisans.


Special shops:

Some shops offer beautiful  or fun windows.  


  • Stuffed animals just behind Place des Victoires Design and Nature, 4 rue d’Aboukir
  • in Les Halles area:  rats and mice Aurouze Rue des Halles, 75001 Paris
  • Stohrer on rue Montorgueil the oldest pastry shop, XVIIIth century décor and great pastries.


Never forget to say “Bonjour” when you step in and ask if you can have a look “ je peux regarder s’il vous plait ? ” .

Of course you are welcome to buy something but never obliged.



the Foyer de la Madeleine , under the renown church offers some very cheap and delicious lunch for a 9€ yearly subscription and a 9€ meal for members or 18€ for guests. The money you pay for, will help some not so rich other ones to eat.

The volunteer team is smiling and helpful.

Sometimes, starred chefs design the menu.



Be beautiful for  very affordable price. Hairdresser, makeup schools.