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Tour, Bake, Taste, Paint, Learn in Paris

Secrets of Paris

Established in 1999, the Secrets of Paris is one of the oldest independent and locally-owned websites about Paris in English. Straight-forward and fluff-free, it has become a trusted reference for alternative news, original feature stories, useful sightseeing advice, reviews and recommendations, and insider information about Paris for both visitors and residents.


By Heather , American Journalist living in Paris


Diana Bishop
Woman Of A Certain Age In Paris


 By Diana Bishop  Canadian Journalist Living in  Canada, visiting often and a real Paris addict.


You would like to discover something special here, about French or Parisian culture, or a hobby you have always wanted to practice  .



I can connect you with a specialist for a workshop


  • to learn about Gluten Free  recipes and Tour with Lisa
  • Make your own Macarons
  • Wine tasting
  • Cheese workshop learning and cooking with cheese
  • Chocolate tasting and making your own


or design a tour

 Discover Paris, following YOUR theme: each day discover one of more of your favorite theme and  their surroundings.

  • Paris by chocolate or by cheese
  • Sweet Paris
  • Paris by Bridges
  • Paris by "mews"
  • Medieval Paris
  • Paris by Flower markets and gardens
  • Paris by Wallace Fountains
  • Paris by markets
  • Paris by Fashion and Fabrics
  • Paris by artists
  • Paris by music
  • Paris by Sciences
  • Egyptian Paris
  • Asian Paris
  • Paris by Art Nouveau & Art Deco
  • Paris for the youngsters : Miniature, Chocolate, Sciences, Magical, zoos, boats, Wax Museum, castles, guignol (puppets), etc...



DIY souvenir in Paris.


Not a souvenir with the Eiffel tower  or some chocolate. Something you will have done YOURSELF in Paris,


If you are interested, I can connect you to one workshop…


Learn to make your own perfume  (Very French), also have a look at page health  on this website

your soap, a perfumed candle,  bowls for your future granola ( i'll share excellent recipes with you, a trendy bag…..