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Food :  meals, shops, markets, restaurants

 Covid has been quite  instructive in terms of behavior in the  food and hospitality sector.

Unfortunately some good ones did not survive the crisis.

Fortunately many are still here, they even changed their ways to adapt to a "new world" with more space outside,  cheaper but still quality menu.

Also many starred ones are now offering take out or delivery.


Some disappeared from my list here for not respecting  sanitary measures, curfews, noise level, pedestrians.

Most have been respectful but some were too greedy. Because they wanted  so much to make a few extra €,

they did not care and put us through longer confinement afterwards.

But we' re in Paris, Central Paris. We have the choice.
I'd rather support the "good ones".


So many to choose from. Different styles, different budgets, some new ones, some that disappeared  from my list because the welcome "accueil" was not up to my standards or because, the chef changed and it's not as goodas it used to be.

The "foodscape" is constantly evolving.


This is a sample of my list...

I have a whole folder sorted by area or theme  at your disposal and that we can discuss  upon arrival.

I can also make bookings for you.

Breakfast and table d'Hôtes at key2paris

key2paris is a "foodie, Gourmet" place to stay. All meals are homemade with organic, high end, seasonal ingredients.


Breakfast is a full English style breakfast with breads, butter and jams, cake, cereals, dairy, protein, , fruits , juice and hot drink all prepared with French recipes and themes. ( season, celebrations)


If you stay long enough, it is possible  to book a friendly dinner with your host, called Table d’hôtes in France.

Menus are designed according to what is available on the market, and your special needs. I can design special menus to meet your diets and likes : Gluten free, LCHF or Keto, Vegetarian or Vegan, no pork, no seafood.

You can enjoy different styles from "slow good" with white table cloth services, a real 3 or 5-course meal “à la Française” elegantly decorated and authentic French recipes (sometimes with a twist) or "fast good" : a quality hamper to enjoy on a nice wooden board.


This "Place to stay" is:

  • 1mn-walk from rue Montorgueil and its colorful  food shops, cafés and restaurants (from French, Italian to Cambodian and Thai, even Canadian  Poutines and more)
  • famous oldest pastry shop Stohrer  Is worth a visit  for the decor.  Unfortunately, new ownership !   Chef is still passionate but  team in the shop has to be changed ! They are not welcoming and are sending  a bad image...
  •  Gourmet street rue du Nil providing high end quality ingredients at 4 shops Terroir d'Avenir
  •  Markets (with organic vegetables stands) rue Montmartre and Place de la Bourse
  • 3 mn walk from the former Paris wholesale covered market "Les Halles" (now gardens with shopping mall underneath), professional cooking utensils shops, cookbook store, Specialized grocery stores.



  • rue Montmartre on Thursday PM and Sunday AM
  • Bourse : Tuesday PM and Friday PM


Convenient stores and organic stores

  • Closest one : Coccinelle on rue Montmartre
  • Super U on rue Montorgueil (2 shops)
  • Organic Naturalia on rue Montorgueil and Rue Réaumur
  • Removed Bioc'Bon as offering tomatoes in January and most vegetables and fruits coming from very long distance. So that's not what I call an organic attitude.

All your food, utensils, and cookbooks

  • From bakeries, cheese mongers, butchers, fishmongers, wines, produce. I'll tell you which ones I recommend and the few to avoid
  • cookbook store Librairie Gourmande
  • Professional utensils : E.Dehillerin, Mora, Simon
  • New kid in November 2019  the well known  Plisson rue des Petits carreaux ( the temple of hipster attitude)
  • and many other selected addresses


Sweet addresses

To indulge ...

  • Country style bakery on rue du Nil
  • or look further away from rue d'Argout  for a VERY special place such as A l’Etoile d’Or 30 rue Pierre Fontaine (9th) where you can discover Denise Acabo,  and her famous hairdo and her even most famous, chocolates, candies, caramels... The best in each category...


Restaurants coffee shops, and caterers


Within the Montorgueil block 

  •  58 rue d'Argout excellent coffee, and one of the best carrot cakes in Paris, friendly atmopshere, can chat, read, check your emails... Matamata
  •  Try the Compas on the corner of Montorgueil and Maris Stuart, facing Stohrer
  • Removed  Rocher Cancale as not respecting sanitary measures and not leaving space for pedestrians
  • Want to taste French  crèpes? (French thin version of pancakes) You cannot miss the Iconic Café Breizh, internationally  well known with a new address on rue Petits Carreaux/ Montorgueil
  • or try la Crèpe Dentelle on rue Leopold Bellan
  • Le comptoir de la gastronomie rue Montmartre 2-3 mn walk excellent for foie gras, smoked fish all of Southwestern French food. Smiling service. They also offer a grocery section to take home...
  • Frenchie rue du Nil : Removed as very unfriendly, rude attitude.  Eating out is ALSO welcoming and respecting people.
  •  Not French but several Good Italians, a new delicious authentic Pastry shop on rue Mandar Pasticceria Simona
  • If you are looking for some exotic flavors : there are a few good Thai restaurants in the area... in my folder, or discussion after booking
  • also easy a Greek, and now some Canadian Poutines



In The Forum des Halles area


A Ducasse address, 21st century brasserie at Champeaux

A Gourmet vegetarian on the other side of Les Halles, Veget'Halles


Place des Victoires, 5mn walk from home,

A great bistrot with excellent classic French food, served generously with a large smile.... A landmark you should not miss

Chez Georges


Bourse area


aux Lyonnais   mislead by Google  during Covid but this place is still opened. Maybe not a Ducasse anymore but they kept the atmosphere and menu.



La Bourse et la Vie by Daniel Rose (well known Spring) small, intimate, very friendly welcome. Food is great, Prices are reasonable for the quality. Better book ahead. My favorite 2016 discovery. and still my favorite is in 2018


*****Coinstot Vino : large choice of Biodynamic small producers wine with plates of cold meat, cheese or smoked fish or later real menu ( fish is good). Friendly team,


Vaudeville beautiful Brasserie decor, food is good, follow their deals on internet


EnJòia : Jòia by Hélène Darroze rue des Jeuneurs  the South West generosity in a bistrot style decor.



Towards Opéra, Passage Choiseul a wonderful, generous new concept: 

New restaurant in the neighborhood offers fresh and quality products entirely cooked and served by mentally or cognitive handicapped persons.

Café Joyeux          Paris Opéra

23 rue Saint-Augustin, Passage Choiseul, 75002 Tuesday till Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM



Towards Palais Royal,

  •  excellent corsican food A Casaluna
  • a typical XIXth century French Brasserie, very nice décor good food and reasonably priced at lunchtime Le grand Colbert
  • Le Grand Véfour, an exceptional meal in an exceptional decor and welcoming team .2 stars They open a Brasserie style table in the Palais Royal garden.


Around Grands Boulevard


in rue du Faubourg Montmartre 8-10- walk from Argout , you have - to try "Bouillon Chartier" food is typical French brasserie style. Not gourmet but typical, landmark recipes, VERY cheap and it is a must visit for the experience and fun.



and more... upon request after booking...


I have :

more recommendations for Right and Left Bank ( restaurants, famous pastry shops, spices, grocery..)

a list of cafés and Bistrots for daily meal

and also those exceptional addresses, once in a lifetime experiences...


I share some with you after booking and more if we share more time around a table, during a stroll ...

Take out and deliveries

  • Use Deliveroo to have nice meals from your preferred restaurants, delivered at your door
  • I have a list of tasty street food style restaurants in the neighborhood. The world food at your door to enjoy back home.

Foodie experiences  in Paris

In Paris, you have a few cooking schools and tours (including mines).

I can organize:

  • a Paris by chocolate Tour for you
  • a Paris by pastry shops
  • a Paris by markets Tour
  • a Paris by cheese monger tour
  • or a wine tasting in Central Paris


 I have an "endless" list of gourmet places in the neighborhood or further off in every Paris "village" where you can buy "la crème de la crème" of products, to bring back at “home” Argout and enjoy relaxed after a long day of strolls in the City of Lights.


I share some with you after booking and more if we share more time around a table, a stroll ...


I also recommend some tours by competent  and welcoming  colleagues in French or English. 


And when you stay at key2paris and book one of their services, a nice surprise will wait for you ...


I  highly recommend : Lisa at biencuitglutenfree

"Hi, my name is Lisa and this is where I hang out with my gluten free friends.

I’m used to be a doctor, then I lived in Singapore for 5 years and became a cookery teacher.

Now I live in France, building gluten free recipes, one ingredient at a time, ready to share via the blog or in my classes.

Come and cook with me – you’ll get to see how much funnier I am in real life.

Lisa at biencuitglutenfree Facebook page


Lisa's Gluten free cooking classes and Tours