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Dear Parisians,


As you can imagine, we have not been able to stop watching the news.  We have contacted friends living in Paris, and they are O.K.  But the news is heart-breaking.   Attacking Paris is like desecrating a shrine.


Paris is so much more than just a city.  It’s a way of life, the way life is supposed to be.  It’s both an inspiration and an aspiration for the rest of the world.  It’s an ideal that many people only dream about.  Paris embraces and encompasses its visitors.  When we are in Paris, we use the same caution and common sense that we would in any other city, and we have never felt unsafe in any arrondissment, day or night.


Paris eludes easy definition.  It is living, exciting, energized, welcoming, amazingly beautiful, richly historic, impeccably cultured, and deeply civilized.  It is a sweet, sexy and sophisticated celebration of life at its best.


Even the victims of the terrorists were all living and celebrating life in different ways: Sports.  Music.  Food.  Wine.  Friends.  Laughter.  Love.  Paris as usual.  That anyone should ever even think of doing this is a crime against humanity.


(Our favorite holiday is the Festival of Music on June 21st when all these qualities that make Paris so vibrant and alluring and romantic seem to be fully on display.  Just walking across the bridges near Notre Dame lighted in the evening sky, watching lovers strolling and embracing, listening to the music floating softly over the Seine.  These are memories of a lifetime that Paris shares with the world.)


A Parisian friend responded to our concerned email saying, “Don’t worry.  We will never change.”  He was right.


Paris is to experience, to share, and to love.  We would never say we are afraid to go to New York because 9/11 happened there.  And we will never be afraid to go to Paris.  We would go tomorrow if we could.


The music of life and the poetry of Paris live on.


To all the lovely people in the magnificent city of Paris, we embrace you!


And we send our loving prayers,

Bob and Nit, Hawaii





"Almost French" by Sarah Turnbull

 P 101:

 “… But he most wonderful thing about our new apartment is the location, smack in the city center, within walking distance of almost everything – The Marais, the Tuileries gardens, the Left Bank, the Louvre. Most fantastic of all, we’ll be just around the corner from the lively market street, rue Montorgueil, a picturesque half-mile stretch of fromageries, fish shops, florists, bakeries, and fruits and vegetables sellers who bugle their bargains six days a week. The street is the main artery of a rectangle-shaped quartier that’s unique in the inner city because it is entirely paved and closed to regular traffic. This only heightens the village feel to the neighborhood, the impression that it is somehow self-contained and separate even though it’s an intrinsic part of Paris…”