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Enjoying Martinn’s Paris on a Platter                   upon arrival : B&B services.

Enjoying Paris Upon Arrival

When you settle at key2paris, I spend enough time to explain the nest, the building, the area and you have guides books at your disposal.


Now if you book a tour, a dinner we have more time to exchange ; you tell me about you wishes, what you are curious about and I’ll share all my address book with you, itinerary,  landmarks and trends, touristy and off beaten path… All is custom designed for you and only you.


I can then advise you for :


-       restaurants


-       food shopping  and food markets

      special addresses for Vegan, no-glue, vegetarian lovers


-      pic nic  places





-       flea markets


v     Visiting Paris following a theme ( Paris by flowers and parks, Paris by Fashion and jewelers, Paris by chocolate, Paris by markets, Paris by Home Fabric stores, Paris by Sciences and Medical interest … just to name a few…)


-       Can even give you some hints on visiting other regions in France. Be aware that I am not a travel agent ; my advice will always be according to my knowledge, no royalties from any other third party ; just to give you an idea…



*Day trips or a night-out  in beautiful regions nearby :

-  A day in Giverny, an overnight or weekend stay nearby

- A day in Auvers sur Oise

- A day in Versailles

- A day in Lille

- A day in Champagne region

- A day in Normandy

- A sojourn in a beautiful self-catered mill in Burgundy ( nice deals when you book at both)



* Some  Gourmet discoveries, tastings from WHITE TABLE CLOTH service to FAST GOOD and SLOW GOOD baskets .

Help you discover and enjoy the pleasure of a French meal, listed on the Unesco Immaterial  Patrimony .


* Your welcoming breakfast and table d'Hôtes : all homemade organic, quality, seasonal ingredients, customized menus according to your food diets, likes and dislikes

(Hot drink, bread and pastry, butter and jams, dairy and protein, granolas, fruits, juice)           


 -        short stays : a gourmet basket with High-end goodies



-        longer stays : a table d’Hôtes dinner (organic, homemade, seasonal) for you only or you and me to have more time to discuss


-         or second evening : a 2-hour  or 2 1/2 Tour of Montorgueil area, with some comments on architecture, history and food tradition  in France . Buying dinner together  from the best addresses in the Montorgueil village ( apéritif : starter, with choice of cold meat saucissons, pâté, quiche, salad ; cheese tray , great pastry  and wine) and come back home to enjoy together, and discuss your stay and expectations


-        during all your stay , I’ll be happy to share my restaurant list with you all over Paris and depending on your style and budget




 One thing will  never change : quality ingredients and addresses.


Details after booking.



* If you want to use the kitchen and cook, you can have

  the kitchen cabinet filled with all the ingredients for other nutritious and healthy meals.

 We will establish your list together


* A toiletries basket with organic shampoo, soap,  tooth brush and tooth paste…  So you do not have to worry about Airflights regulations.



 Once you have booked,  if  you are interested, we can exchange about your expectations and prepare some of your discoveries and services together.