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Connecting with Paris again

Back into Paris, discovering and rediscovering my reliable addresses

New decor
New decor

Happy hello from Paris.


Before I received my mini-removal, I had time to run some errands and admire two major exhibits at the Louvre Museum (one on the Forbidden City in Beijing, second one on Macedonia ; traveling in space, in time, admiring Human creativity just by staying a few hundred yards from home… love that).

When I received the move, I probably had too much pushing, pulling, hanging, and I am now suffering from severe sciatica, so I am mostly in my charming nest.


Being in the center of Paris, I do not use the car a lot. I’d better run buses and taxis but for the time being I keep a car to visit family outside Paris and will explore later some regions such as the Loire Valley, Normandy. But parking in Paris is a rip off ! I had forgotten about that.


In spite of the sciatica, I celebrated christmukkah and New Year, had some nice dinners at home or at nearby restaurants.

On Sunday it is THE Galette, (Twelfth nigh cake, puff pastry filled with almond paste, delicious but so nutritious)




I returned to Tribolet, the excellent butcher rue Montorgueil (bought five different meats ; lamb, duck, chicken, beef and ham) for a pot –au-feu on the 30th.

54 Rue Montorgueil, +33 1 42 33 49 70


Returned to La fermette for a tray of 7 different blue cheeses.

86 rue Montorgueil, + 33 1 42 36 70 96


Returned to the market rue Montmartre for the fishmonger and the organic vegetables. Bought some nice scallops and lobster for a seafood plate, salmon for gravlax.

Pècherie de Trouville O6 74 38 36 72

Still missing fish from Jacques and Eliane in Maubourguet, the best so far.

If you were in the district, I would recommend to absolutely avoiding Segusa rue Montorgueil.


Returned to Stohrer for some special bread, chibboust and the awesome décor.


Returned to Librairie Gourmande rue Montmartre for Saturday signatures. The new chef at Lameloise, I missed Jean François Piège but bought his book.

First signature, Lameloise is an art book to admire. Maybe some ideas about blending some flavors but most of recipes are not feasible at home, alone and with regular utensils. JFP book’s philosophy is the opposite : photos step-by-step, great cuisine made easy to cook at home. Immediately applied the recipe for cooking lobster for my seafood plate.


If you were in Paris on January 22nd, 23rd and 24th, I would highly recommend attending “Le Paris des chefs” at La maison de la Mutualité in the 5th. 3 days dedicated to food and creativity. A 1,700 seat auditorium welcomes presentations by chefs & creators. creative duos before a live audience, demonstrations, Representatives from all the food trades, tableware, publishing, producers, etc., will be on hand, a guide to the best spots in Paris.

If JazzinMarciac rings a bell, you should know that Winton Marsalis will be part of a duo.


Returned to No Peg, not only for organic beauty products. Frederic Fabiani has filled some shelves with Gourmet organic groceries. I tried a fragrant olive oil Leïs öolivades ; on the “spreads” shelf, I’d recommend the peppers and almond one.

Also bought a Himalayan salt mill, some delicious nut mini- cookies and some chocolate.

Don’t miss it … it is good and good… for your health.

I will try more of course, including the organic vegetable baskets delivered upon request.


Returned to G Detou for the candied tangerines (marinate them a few days in cointreau, then put a slice in the bottom of a flute and pour some good champagne. Nice color and delicate taste guaranteed), for the dark Valrhona chocolate, some good mustard, some savory stock.


Returned to Simon, for some white plates and some more utensils. Moved with my Kitchenaid blender and robot, yogurt and bread machines but left too many in storage, I am missing them.


Returned to Comptoir de la gastronomie for their smoked eel and a good dinner with Twan. Their South West products are excellent and their gravlax is as good as mine ! Thank you Natasha for the lessons.

34 Rue Montmartre   + 33 1 42 33 31 32



Returned to Fée Nature for the good soups, organic salads, quiches all organic homemade goodies at lunch time. Such a treat just at the door of 69 rue d’Argout.


Returned to the movie theater. Could not miss Intouchables, emotional, fun without being vulgar, reassuring about human nature and possible unpredictable encounters.


Returned to theater

39 steps inspired by the Hitchcock movie. The plot is not the greatest one but the staging and actors are hilarious.

Théâtre des Bruyères

Quadrille by Sacha Guitry is the entire contrary. Guitry loved to listen to himself, play on words, puns… all is in the text but stage is not really moving, rather static.

Théâtre Edouard VII

Next one ‘le dernier coup de ciseaux” aux Mathurins, interactive play, cluedo style… will comment later




After trying for 2 years to get in chez

Frenchie 5-6, rue du Nil - 75002 Paris - 01 40 39 96 19

I finally could book and went with Arthur and William.

Booking process is not really easy but not that difficult and it is welcoming, friendly and smiling. Does not match the trend though !

Cozy atmosphere, food is delicately flavored and seasoned with the rights herbs and spices.

The only downside for me was the expensive wine list, with no cheap choice at all and the fact that we were not offered tab water, only bottled one.

But global review is very positive and it is worth planning ahead and get organized. The first sitting is easier to get in. (7 PM)




I already enjoyed some visits from the Maubourguet community. I am expecting more within a few months. 

First Olivia, Marie José Laporte’s (real estate agent) daughter was my navigator on the way back to Paris, she and her husband helped me move in.

Then I enjoyed Jim and Joanna from Plaisance. They had left their wonderful property and horses to visit Paris, different kinds of horses (French joke) and good restaurants. Jim is a wonderful cook, I learned a lot by his side.

Because of my back problems we ended up having dinner very close to rue d’Argout and were truly happy.

at L’Hédoniste Bistrot et vin 14 rue Léopold Bellan 75002 01 40 26 87 33




On Saturday, I am expecting Françoise from Maubourguet. She comes to reacquaint with her childhood district in the 13th, go to some exhibitions, plays, and movies.


Expecting Marie-José in January. She comes to see her daughter and will bring me back some plants that could not fit in the car in December. They will add some green and charm to the courtyard rue d’argout.


Expecting Paul and Wendy owners of a self catered place in  Maubourguet and a restaurant in  Devon (UK)

This is one of my places “ to visit in 2012”


Looking forward to visit Arthur in London in February and meet with Kate and Stephen from Le petit château in Marciac, great hosts ad wonderful friends.

and maybe Corinne, Vida and Summer from Vic en Bigorre.


In March, I will visit Nicolle in Issoudun for her annual painting exhibition and visit the Georges Sand region.


I wait to get rid of the sciatica to explore some places to find my next nest.

Paris ? Montfort L’Amaury ? Normandy ? Loire Valley ?

Need some space but do not want to be too far from Paris. Need to find a place with some tourist interest, within my budget of course, where I could host you, you from Paris for a weekend break, you from the Pyrenees, you from all over the world. I am eager to see you again, resume the nice conversations around the Table d’hôtes.



2 new sections for this Paris newsletter

a quiz and a recipe


The recipe


France is well known to be THE Cheese country isn’t it ?

You try a good organic goat cheese or Roquefort with the following pear recipe.

Peel and slice lengthwise 2 juicy pears.

In a frying pan, sweat the pears with a good 2TBS Olive Oil and 3 TBS water. Give a few turns of pepper mill. Don’t add salt as most cheeses are already salted.

You could add 2 tsp of apple cider.

When the pears turn transparent but still firms, remove them, drain them and nicely display them on your cheese tray.

You can serve with some arugula, some walnuts. Bon appétit !


The quiz 


Cheese again; do you know what kind of cheese you can find in Pouligny Saint Pierre ?


Some wine ?

Curnonsky started a famous French magazine related to food and wine, still published today. Do you know the name of the Magazine ?


What are the names of the grape varieties allowed in Champagne ?


Answers next time


Bon appétit and Happy New 2012

I wish you a gourmet year, filled with nice moments to share with friends and family.


This newletter/blog is mostly about food, luxury suggestions, addresses and recipes.


But sharing with your loved ones, around a simple quiche, salad, soup or your favorite chocolate cake recipe is the most important thing.

The only important thing, I think, is to use top quality ingredients ; don’t give up on homemade food, start from scratch easy recipes and enjoy being together.






Sleeping with flowers
Sleeping with flowers