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The Jazzinmarciac 2011 edition is over

End of Summer 2011 

The Jazzinmarciac 2011 edition is over

Very pleasant edition both musically and @martinn where we enjoyed some extraordinary encounters among guests.

I still have guests from all over the world but it is a bit more relaxed, allowing some time to write this newsletter.


Update on recommendations :

L’hédoniste, rue Léopold Bellan has been reviewed in “la revue Cuisine et Vins de France”, June issue.


I had to spend a couple of days in Paris in June to attend the building annual AGM.

The flat being rented, I stayed at Twan’s my eldest son and met my guest, Peg.

Peg is Californian, loves Paris, the Père Lachaise cemetery, and good food. We walked together to the Latteria on a Thursday, were able to buy excellent mozzarella and burrata and enjoy them with our respective friends.

The quality is worth the easy trip – straight on from rue Montorgueil up to Réaumur – but I still resent the welcome. Missing the famous Italian smile and warmth.


Chinese discoveries and real Japanese restaurants

Chinese restaurants are back in fashion at least some of them.

Everyone knows that most of the so-called Japanese restaurants proposing sushi or chicken teriyaki are Chinese owned. When Chinese restaurants were out of trend – hygiene, too much glutamate- the Chinese community switched to Japanese fast food.


If you want a real Japanese experience, from rue d’Argout it is really easy. The Japanese district is not even 10-minute walk on rue Saint Anne and rue des Petits-Champs behind Place des Victoires. Or take the subway and go to Sanki in Boulogne Billancourt, close to Paris Porte de Saint Cloud, rue Edouard Vaillant.

Sanki is tiny, the décor is not fancy, and the real treasure is in your plate. Mr. Okada, the owner was kind enough to teach me some recipes, which I practice sometimes in Maubourguet for everyone’s delight.


Let’s focus on Chinese food now : the Sentier, the clothing wholesale district, switched from the Jewish community to the Chinese. Chinese owners and employees needed some “home food” nearby.


Noodles Atelier 162 rue St Denis soups, wok, a pleasant Chinese cuisine close to the Vietnamese. They have 2 eggplant recipes that I highly recommend, the soups are nutritious and tasty.

Décor is just modern, no charm, first floor has no natural light.

Good value, quite cheap but trendy : book ahead.


Chez Vong, rue de la Grande Truanderie

It’s new … for me !

On the décor it is rather imperial ! Lacquered and mother-of-pearl furniture, plants, Buddha. All the clichés are here.

The food is what we expect of Chinese cuisine, refined and tasty.

Smiling welcome and affable waiters.

The downside is the bill at the end ! The décor and the smile are very expensive here.



Uah ^

62 rue de l’arbre sec on the other side of les Halles.

mangas, décor, food and kitchenware all Japanese oriented. Very nice welcome.


Exhibition :

I went to the India one in Beaubourg still going on in September.

Contrast would be the word … and the word summarizes the country as much as the exhibition.

I enjoyed the sense of humor, colors, the wall made of cell phones and the room filled with stainless steel kitchenware.

But many presentations did not move me, too intellectual, too far fetched … for me.


For those in love with Antiques, do not miss the Foire de Chatou from September 23rd till October 2nd, the Ali baba cave… many of the pieces of furniture or small items contributing to martinn’s charm in Paris or Maubourguet, have been bought in Chatou.


Trips and exchanges :

Nearly winding up this newsletter, I realize it is very Asian oriented.

It seems I am really attracted to this part of our planet.

In Maubourguet, I met guests in love with Kerala. I have to visit this part of India to complete my visit to Rajasthan and discover more about the Indian way of life.

The trip in February and the necessary change of car, took all of my savings but as soon as my piggy bank grows, I will plan a trip to the backwaters and more.


While I plan my own trips, I host travelers both in Paris and Maubourguet. I receive nice emails and phone calls from my Parisian guests and some even come to visit in Maubourguet.

Some of my enchanted guests in Maubourguet take the opportunity to visit the city of Lights.


Events in Maubourguet in September

Culinary and literary. We’ll cook with Agatha – Christie-, Sir Athur – Conan Doyle -, Alfred – Hitchkock- and Anne Martinetti on September 10th and 11th.

On September 24th and 25th it is “cuisine en fêtes” all over the country. I will present a demo for finger food and macarons all from local products.